DPD Would Like to Correct Channel 11's Story About Homeless Man and George W.'s House

No doubt you've at least heard about KTVT-Channel 11's story that aired last night, in which the CBS owned-and-operated reported that a homeless man from Mexico made it past those security gates and all the way to George W. Bush's front door. Said Channel 11,

which has since yanked the piece from its website

, Ricardo Pereira knocked on the ex-prez's Preston Hollow house hoping Dubya could, ya know, help a brother out.

Not true, says the Dallas Police Department in a preposition-ending statement that just landed in the Unfair Park in-box:

Last night CBS 11 reported that a suspect bypassed the security gates and Secret Service detail around former President George Bush's house. This was not accurate information. However, there was an individual who was several streets away that knocked on a lady's door and asked if she knew where former President Bush lived. This house was NOT within the security gates on Daria Lane.

The lady who answered the door told the individual he needed to leave the area and he did. Officers were called and found the subject walking down Walnut Hill Lane. He was detained and a secret service agent came and spoke with him and determined he was not a threat so the officers took him back to the homeless shelter he said he lived at.

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