Drink Up and Cover Up

Things are getting mighty ugly in the District 9 Dallas City Council race. Between this story from Pegasus News, in which it's revealed that council contender Jill Kotvis was convicted in Dallas of driving while intoxicated and for resisting arrest in October 1987, and the following press release we just received from candidate Sheffie Kadane, in which Kadane demands the attorney withdraw from the race, well, it's at least more interesting than the so-far ho-hum mayoral race. Looks like it ain't gonna be easy becoming the council member who gets White Rock Lake and the Arboretum. Gotta earn it.

But, to be fair, Kadane isn't being totally accurate either in his press release, in which he accuses Kotvis of a "criminal record cover-up." Yes, Kotvis was charged with a third-degree felony in Florida in 1999 -- for "assaulting an emergency care provider," writes Mike Orren -- but never tried, according to Pegasus. And, hey, a little ancient-history DWI arrest never hurt George W. Bush. Kadane's release is after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky


DALLAS, TX------ District 9 Dallas City Council candidate Sheffie Kadane called for Jill Kotvis to withdraw from the race today after she attempted to cover-up an arrest record that included an arrest and conviction for DWI and resisting arrest in Dallas and a Third Degree Felony charge in Florida.

"I was greatly disappointed when I heard about her arrest record," stated Sheffie Kadane, "but I am most troubled about her covering up the truth about her past. An elected official must live up to the public trust and must be held accountable when that trust is broken. The only honest thing to do is withdraw her candidacy."

According to court records, Jill Kotvis was arrested and convicted of DWI and resisting arrest in 1987. In the DWI case, she was found guilty by a jury and sentenced by a judge to 24 months probation and a $300 fine. On the resisting arrest charge, she received one year probation and a fine of $1,000. Records obtained from PublicData.com also list a Third Degree Felony charge in Florida in 1999.

On her Dallas Morning News questionnaire, under the question: "Have you ever been arrested or involved in any criminal proceedings or civil suits?" Kotvis answered, "I have received a couple of traffic-related citations in the past. Other than those, my involvement with the court system has been through my professional capacity."

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