Positively Positive

Dripping with Optimism

Oh say can you see, how charitable this guy is?

You: “The media only reports the bad news.”

Me: “Guilty.”

Well, not only the bad news. But I do admit that we, the media, tend to magnify the drunk athlete and shrug off the charitable one. Why?

Great question. We’d like to hide behind the ol’ supply-and-demand tenet, but that’s not always the case. Or is it? There’s a reason, after all, that TMZ blossomed from a sleazy web site into a sleazy TV show.

Philosophical and ethical debate notwithstanding, let me this morning attempt to balance the scales a tad.

From the same team that has given us Josh Howard, comes one Jerry Stackhouse. Not only does Stack occasionally sing the national anthem before Mavs’ games, he also yesterday gave $50,000 to fight diabetes.

Stackhouse’s Triple Threat Foundation donated $50,000 to the Lenoir Memorial Foundation to benefit the Diabetes Program at the Minges Wellness Center in Kinston, North Carolina. The gift will provide for three nursing scholarships and the hospital’s diabetes program will be renamed after Stackhouse’s mother, Minnie. Turns out two of Stack’s sisters died from diabetes and Minnie suffers from the disease as well.

See what we can learn when we stop scanning YouTube for a couple seconds?

Good for Stackhouse. And good on you for caring.

You do care, right? -- Richie Whitt

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