Dublin Dr Pepper Launches Legal Defense Fund in Legal Spat With Plano-Based Parent

Brantley espied that giant check you see at right during his tour of the Dublin Dr Pepper bottling plant a few weeks ago; turns out, it was just seed money. We just received word that in order to keep pace with Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group, which is suing the Dublin bottler in federal court to keep it from selling The Made With Real Sugar Good Stuff outside of a six-county area, the world's oldest existing Dr Pepper bottler is establishing a legal defense fund. That check, the bottler hopes, is just the first of many.

In a statement released this morning, Bill Kloster, president and CEO of Dublin Dr Pepper, notes the 12,394-strong I Support Dublin Dr Pepper Facebook page and an in-support-of video, which was uploaded to YouTube last month. Says Kloster, "We've been extremely proud and overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to support us. Our customers treasure our product and recognize that we're a small business that's been drawn into an expensive fight against a corporate giant. We dearly appreciate everyone's support."

The release also notes this special keepsake for those who go to the website and make a small donation to the cause:

While contributions of any level are accepted, supporters contributing $50 or more can receive Dublin Dr Pepper memorabilia, including a new "Save Dublin" Lawsuit Edition t-shirt with a quote from Dr Pepper Snapple CEO Larry Young, who said: "... nothing tastes better than a Dublin Dr Pepper ..."
He sure did. The video follows.

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