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Dwaine Caraway's Looking Out For the City

On Wednesdays I keep the city council broadcasts dialed up in the office for the high irritainment value. Besides, you never know what'll happen. Take yesterday, for instance. There were a few things I wanted to keep an eye on, but at the bottom of the bottom of the list was Addendum Item No. 10, something to do with paying Estrada Concrete Company $626,672 to repair alleys throughout the city, most in Far North Dallas.

Initially the item was on the consent agenda. But as it turned out Dwaine Caraway had it pulled for discussion, because, as he would explain, Estrada Concrete has some outstanding issues with the city -- such as, oh, a fence for which it has no permit. Then he mentioned something about visiting the joint and being chased off by dogs. At which point it became a lengthy, riveting discussion about how in the wide, wide world of sports does the city do business with companies that can't comply with the city's most basic rules and treat city officials, including an assistant city manager, with disdain and "arrogance."

In the end, Caraway brought in City Manager Mary Suhm and City Attorney Tom Perkins; not as good as Paul Rudd on Parks and Recreation, but I do love unexpected cameos. The whole discussion's below. Worth a look for those who always wonder how stuff gets done in this city ... or doesn't. Love the outfit too.

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