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DwYane Wade = Failure. Mission Accomplished?

OK, admittedly this may be a tad premature. We've still got - what? - 4.5 months left of NBA regular season.

But what happened last night in Miami was too delicious to bypass. Turkey comes Thursday. Monday night the appetizer was served.

Last week I officially wished failure upon the unfortunate noggin' of Dwyane Wade in specific and the Miami Heat in general. After losing last night at home to the pedestrian Pacers, 93-77, the Heat are 3-4 in their last seven and only 8-6 overall.

Better still, Wade had one of the worst nights of any player in NBA history.

Not only did "D-Wade" - vomit - have more turnovers (5) than points (3), he shot 1 of 13 from the field and 1 of 5 from the free-throw line. He's only the second player in NBA history to have such a putrid night shooting the ball and the first since in almost 60 years to suck so tremendously bad.

On November 27, 1951, Max Zaslofsky of the Knicks was 1-13 from the floor and 0-5 from the line, the last player to take as many as 13 shots and five free throws and make only one of each.

The climax was when Wade tried an up-and-under layup but was stuffed by the bottom of the rim. In typical whiny-ass Wade fashion, he first flopped and fell, then argued to the ref, who whistled him for a technical foul.

Oh by the way, the Heat come to American Airlines Center Saturday night. Had plans to go, but now what's the point? Nothing special to see.


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