EBJ and Neil Cavuto Can't Play Nice

Yesterday, the Congressional Progressive Caucus released what it calls The People's Budget, which insists it would eliminate the deficit by 2021 by eliminating the Bush tax cuts, creating "fair tax brackets for millionaires and billionaires while maintaining credits for the middle class and students" and bringing home the troops "because these wars are making America less safe, are reducing America's standing in the world, and are doing nothing to reduce America's burgeoning energy security crisis." At the same time, the Democrats' proposal would create a new-jobs program and invest in, among other things, public education, housing initiatives and an infrastructure overhaul.

Which is how Dallas Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson wound up on FOX News yesterday -- to discuss the plan with Neil Cavuto, since, after all, she's among the 80 members making up the caucus. But EBJ didn't have much of a discussion with Cavuto; as Huffington Post puts it, theirs was, at best, a "fiery debate." Which is a nice way of putting it. See for yourself on the other side. The takeaway: "When you refuse to have vision, you're already in hell." So jump already -- there's a scholarship waiting for you on the other side.

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