EDS Shareholders Want More, While a Dallas Software Company Wins Big

In today's legal news, Electronic Data Systems Corp. shareholders want more than the $13.2 billion Hewlett-Packard Co. offered the Plano-based company on May 12. And they're prepared to go to court in Collin County to delay the special shareholder meeting set for July 31, when EDS investors are supposed to vote on whether or not to hand over the keys to the operation. Notes the Associated Press, a hearing's set for Thursday. And, over here, it notes that Baron & Budd's involved in the legal maneuvering.

And in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, security software maker McAfee announced that a jury in federal court out in East Texas ordered it to fork over $18 million to a Dallas-based rival called DeepNines, which HQs on Dallas Parkway. DeepNines claimed McAfee's IntruShield network security appliance infringed upon a patent held by DeepNines; McAfee said nuh-unh; and the jury went yup, sure did. McAfee will likely appeal, but will reveal plenty more concerning the verdict's impact during its second-quarter 2008 earnings conference call. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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