Even Karl Rove Doesn't Like Robert Jeffress's "Cult" Comments About Mormons, Romney

Karl Rove was on

The O'Reilly Factor

last night discussing the impact

the First Baptist Dallas pastor's comments

will have on Rick Perry's campaign, among other things. Alas, Bill O'Reilly was off, and instead Dubya's right-hand man was on with Laura Ingraham, who feels bad for Perry being associated with Jeffress. Whatever, says Rove. This is all on Jeffress:

This was a terrible mistake on the part of the pastor. It's the kind of thing that doesn't belong in politics. We want our candidates, we want our leaders to be people of faith, but, you know, we don't get into and we haven't gotten into since at least the 1960 presidential election into a determination over whether or not somebody's professed faith is acceptable to the vast majority of Americans.

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