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Ever Wanted to Own J.R. Ewing's Hats and Boots? Larry Hagman's Having a Garage Sale.

TNT's still in and around town shooting that next-gen Dallas pilot; Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy and the kids are due to wrap this week, after which network execs will decide whether to move ahead with a full series. (Word is they will -- and sooner than anticipated.) But just as Hagman steps back into J.R. Ewing's boots one more time, he's decided to sell off a big hunk of his memories: Julien's Auctions Gallery in Beverly Hills announced this morning that on June 4, Hagman will auction off "his personal antiques, fine and decorative art, furniture, and memorabilia from the classic 1980's primetime soap opera Dallas."

Kill an hour by flipping the virtual pages of the 152-page catalog, which is loaded with all the things you'd expect to find -- everything from sculptures to furniture to anything and everything they can make out of leather, in addition to stacks of annotated Dallas scripts, old bumper stickers and framed magazine covers. Me, I wasn't even a huge fan of the show despite being born and raised here, and still I wish I had a few thou for that painting of Jock Ewing that used to hang in Southfork. Says Hagman in an interview with Reuters today, he'll miss the hats. But not the boots: "Cowboy boots are the most uncomfortable mode of transport ever invented. They are built to ride horses, and to keep your foot from getting in the stirrup."

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Robert Wilonsky
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