Ex-Channel 5 Reporter Stinchfield Now Out to Expose the "Idiocracy" in D.C. ... As a Politician

This morning, MediaBistro directs our attention to Uncle Barky's item from yesterday about former KXAS'er Grant Stinchfield, who, after seven years on the job, left the NBC owned-and-operated in April so he could run for the U.S. House of Representatives. Stinchfield, whose wife Amy Vanderoef co-hosts WFAA's Good Morning Texas, is a Republican running against ... well, he doesn't say. Pete Sessions? Lives in his district. Kenny Marchant? Says so here. All he'll tell Ed is "we're not ready to make any decisions until we explore all possibilities."

Stinchfield's site is up and a runnin', even if doesn't say against whom. His blog's mostly a round-up of pieces done for KXAS -- at least the ones exposing things like "airport security flaws" and "disturbing issues inside many government agencies." He's also opposed to the feds spending money on homeless assistance programs, "an issue that should be left to your local government and private charities." And that's where we find the video above, which references a certain Mike Judge movie and features another former KXAS'er -- none other than FOX News's Gretchen Carlson, speaking of The Daily Show.


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