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Facebook Tells Mayor Rawlings Not to Aerial Spray, So Get Ready For Aerial Spraying

Remember last time Mayor Mike Rawlings went to Facebook to ask for feedback on a controversial topic of citywide import? And how he ignored the overwhelming majority of comments and pledged his full support for the Trinity Parkway? Well, he's put out another call for feedback on Twitter and Facebook:

Facebook, of course, was unanimous: For the love of God, don't spray! Think of the children! And the bees! And the bees' children!

Paula Blackmon, the mayor's chief of staff, said the tweet that went out an hour or so ago wasn't a call for comments, per se. There were so many comments on Rawlings' Facebook page that they began falling off, leading people to think they were removed and respond accordingly. The "What do you think?" post was letting people know to comment in the designated app.

She assured me Rawlings is reading them all. He's also meeting with public health officials as I type to figure out what to do. If history is any guide, just plan on sealing the windows and keeping Fido inside for the next week.

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Eric Nicholson
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