Fact Is, George Bush Probably Wishes He Still Owned the Texas Rangers

The White House
If this picture were at all legible, you'd swear Nolan Ryan was president and not the other dude.

It'd be nice if the White House sooner than later posted bigger and better photos from the Texas Rangers' visit with their former co-owner yesterday. Till then, we'll make do with this recap courtesy the team's official Web site. Turns out, George Bush still knows way too much about about the former Washington Senators, in town over the weekend to play the Washington Nationals. Ask David Murphy: "I stuck out my hand and said, 'I'm David Murphy.' The President said, 'Oh, yeah, Baylor boy...' That was pretty cool that he knew me."

C.J. Wilson gets line of the visit: "How many people with a Mohawk haircut have stood in the Oval Office and shook hands with the President?" (Mr. T?) But, really, our baseball cap's off to Eddie Guardado for this accounting of his visit to the White House. "I really don't follow that stuff, but my wife and kids enjoyed it. They had a good time. President Bush gave my little girl a souvenir, something with the White House on it." That was a little high and inside, Eddie. --Robert Wilonsky

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