We're trying to collect the whole series. Next up: Fair Park Passover.

Fair from Over

The State Fair of Texas came to an end only two days ago -- and it was a glorious finale, if only to see a certain 5-year-old ask that Ford robot, "Do you know C-3PO?" and receive in response a burst of John Williams' score and a chorus of approving audience giggles. (So proud.) But now, onward toward the holiday season: For those planning their December to-do's, Fair Park Holiday Lights will make its return around the Leonhardt Lagoon on December 13 and 14, in advance of its '09 move to the Esplanade. Because, in case you missed the news: "From January through October 2009, the Esplanade’s waterway and fountain will undergo extensive renovations. The fountain will be reconstructed to feature a new, synchronized light, water and music show inspired by the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, Nevada." So you can recreate your own finale from Ocean's Eleven, if nothing else.

And for those who missed the State Fair, we do have a slide show featuring all the edibles, or not, that have gone back into hibernation till next year, when, no doubt, Fried Fried will make its debut along International Boulevard. --Robert Wilonsky

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