Families of Dallas Cops Killed In 7/7 Ambush Get $10 Million

The families of the officers shot and killed by Micah Johnson during a July 7 ambush following a downtown protest against police brutality are getting about $10 million from the Assist the Officer Foundation and The Dallas Foundation, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings announced Tuesday.

Dallas police Sgt. Michael Smith, Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, Officer Michael Krol and Officer Patricio Zamarripa and DART Officer Brent Thompson died when Johnson opened fire in July.

Widow Heidi Smith thanked those who donated for "taking care of us now that Michael can't be here."

The officers' families received more than 6,000 contributions from residents of all 50 states, Australia, the United Kingdom and Italy. Donations ranged from $5 to $250,000, the mayor said. Each of the families will receive an equal trust and part of the donations will be dedicated to supporting officers injured on July 7.

Frederick Frazier, chairman of the Assist the Officer Foundation and the president of the Dallas Police Association, said the donations showed the connection between Dallas residents and officers. “It’s a powerful gesture that symbolizes the appreciation for every officer’s dedication to service and commitment to the safety of every citizen,” he said.

For some of the families, it was the second gift of the week. Monday, the Tunnels to Towers Foundation announced that it had raised enough money to pay off Heidi Smith's house, as well as the home of widow Emily Thompson. Kristy Zamarripa, Patricio Zamirripa former wife, doesn't own a home, but the foundation set aside money for her to purchase one, if she chooses.

"Michael worked so hard to provide for us," Smith said at a press conference announcing that donation. "He worked many long hours away from myself and the girls and we just want to thank everyone that was a part of it."
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