Fantasy Golf is, Apparently, Child's Play

Flipping through my Avid Golfer magazine this week I came across the most interesting of tournaments. A media tournament. A fantasy media tournament.

Who knew?

Seems the boys over at Avid couldn't herd all us cats into actually playing a tournament, so they produced a speculative tournament won by 106.1 KISS FM's Kidd Kraddick. Fair enough. I used to have the time to play a couple times a week, then a certain radio station came a calling and my game went the way of Todd Hamilton.

How'd I do in the virtual tourney? I played a certain - and apparently very cocky - former voice of Texas Stadium.

In the first round I supposedly slapped around Fox 4's Mike Doocy before losing to The Ticket's George Dunham.

Heard Georgio's very condescending synopsis of our fantasy match this morning on The Musers.

     Craig Miller: "In the second round you beat Richie Whitt."

George Dunham: "That's a given."

A given? Really? Interesting.

Now, no doubt George could kick my ass at "Ceremony Talk" on the radio, but on the golf course? Can't recall us ever playing together or, for that matter, even being on the driving range at the same time.

Let's just say I'm looking forward to Avid staging an actual media tournament.

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