Fatal Farm-ers Move Back to Dallas, Where It's Easier to Film the Funny

This morning, USA Today gets a giggle out of 25-year-old Zach Johnson and 24-year-old Jeffrey Max, the Fatal Farm-ers behind a stack of classic-TV show-opening parodies and Mark Erickson's Infinite Solutions, in which a bespectacled brainiac offers nonsense advice on such topics as "How to Find Dinosaur Bones" and "How to Speed Your Mail Delivery" and how to get Google TV, which don't exist. They're also responsible for Lasagna Cat. Always wondered, didn't you.

Turns out the local prep-school pair have moved back to Dallas from Los Angeles, where they first set up shop, to finish the Infinite Solutions series and move on to the bigger and better. So, why the return from L.A.? Notes USA Today: "Familiar surroundings and lax production codes." After the jump, a video sampler platter. --Robert Wilonsky

The Alternate Doogie Howser Intro (co-starring Zach Johnson)

Google TV Beta

Lasagna Cat

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