Frankly, the "today's member" part of the sign had us laughing for, like, two minutes.

Feeling Gassy!

A Friend of Unfair Park sends this from the Costco in Lewisville, where gas is well below the local average, which is $2.93 for a gallon of plain ol' regular, says AAA. But the most interesting thing to note from the AAA round-up is the drop since yesterday: six whole cents. (The Exxon across the street from Unfair Park HQ has gone down a whole dime since Wednesday. But, word of warning, DPD's been set up at the Oak Lawn-Fairmount intersection all day, turning the corner into a ticket-writing kiosk.) Just one month ago, gas ran locals $3.70 on average. But, look out, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is gearing up for an emergency meeting in the wake of June '07 prices. --Robert Wilonsky

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