Finally, The Kerry and Kevin Von Erich Action Figures You Know You've Always Wanted

Long story short: Upon learning from Zac Crain this morning of the death of Jimmy Wehba -- that's Garland's own Skandor Akbar to you and my grandfather, who spent every Saturday night tuned to wrestling on Channel 11 so way back when -- I spent way too much time stumbling down Amnesia Lane. Which, long story shorter, led me to the website of Kevin Von Erich, who I cover-storied for the paper version of Unfair Park years ago. And it was there I learned that Mattel's coming out with Kevin and Kerry Von Erich action figures sooner than later.

Turns out, they were introduced at Comic-Con in San Diego a few weeks back. Mattel's introducing its first installment in the WWE® Legends Hall of Fame Series next weekend at Kmarts (none in Dallas, alas), but no word on when Kerry and Kevin surface. I've left word for Mattel's L.A. PR reps. For my kid, you see.

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