Fine, Just Don't Go Planning Any Victory Parades Just Yet, OK, Mister Mayor?

Chris Heinbaugh, Mayor Tom Leppert's chief of staff, sends word this morning that Leppert and Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter (awesome) have made a bet on Saturday night's Cowboys-Eagles game. But, blessedly, they've dispensed with the wackiness (no jerseys worn to council meetings) and gone straight for the sincere: "The losing team's mayor will provide lunch for the winning mayor's team of Habitat for Humanity volunteers," says the release, awful nice. If the Eagles win, Leppert's buying them lunch from Sonny Bryan's, served with a side of Dr Pepper; if the Cowboys prevail, Nutter's ponying up for Philly cheesesteaks and Tastykakes.

But what say the mayors about their teams' chances? Let's go to the press release:

"After watching the Cowboys play the last few games, I'm very confident we'll be keeping our delicious barbecue right here in Dallas," said Mayor Leppert. "I'm sure our Dallas Habitat will be pleased to get Michael's tasty contribution. I can taste those Philly cheesesteaks now!"

"Having lulled the Cowboys into a false sense of security, the Eagles will come out and dominate the Cowboys in a game that actually matters," said Mayor Nutter. "We will make sure there is an extra seat on the plane back to Philly for barbecue and Dr Pepper."

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