First, the Institute for Creation Research Filed Suit Against State. Now, The Essay.

On Monday, we noted that the Royal Lane-based Institute for Creation Research filed a mammoth lawsuit in Dallas federal court in which it alleges that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board violated its constitutional rights when denying its application to offer master's degrees in science last year. Today, the ICR steps up its fight against the THECB with an essay titled "Censorship in Texas: Fighting Academic and Religious Discrimination," in which it reiterates the claims made in the lawsuit while portraying the privately funded institution as "a victim of academic (and religious) viewpoint discrimination in the Lone Star State." An excerpt:

As a result, college-level science education in Texas is now muzzled by Texas governmental censorship, a situation that interferes with both academic freedom, the right of a school to teach any subject from its own institutional viewpoint; and interstate commerce, the right of a school outside Texas to recruit and teach Texas residents. ...

Of course, the controversy is not unique to ICR's graduate school. Scientists and professors who are Christians, and even non-Christian academics, continue to face persecution from science censors. Ben Stein's Expelled documentary in 2008 clearly demonstrated that even highly-qualified scientists in secular institutions are facing various forms of expulsion simply because they question "recognized" Darwinian beliefs and the tenets of evolutionary science.

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