Fixing Downtown

Fixing Downtown

Nothing but skyline: Thanks to Thomas Korosec for his enlightening article about Victory and the redevelopment of the city core ("The Thing That Ate Downtown," November 29). As a strong advocate for the resurgence of downtown, I urge the city to tell Tom Hicks and Ross Jr. that the city has done enough and the rest is up to them. Dallas should focus its efforts on making the Elm-Main-Commerce corridor the great, genuine downtown area it has the potential to be. If Victory wins this "battle," downtown will remain the worst city center in the country and do nothing more than act as a nice skyline to look upon from afar.

Scott Brown
Via e-mail

Biggest and best pedestrian mall: In your article on downtown development, someone is quoted as saying, "It's not going to be fixed with a magic bullet." But I disagree. If you can get rid of the cars downtown (they can park outside it, or travel around it), then you instantly have the biggest and best pedestrian mall in the United States.

Many European countries ban traffic in parts of their cities. There would be problems of deliveries and emergency vehicles, but they could be worked out. The biggest problem is that it would benefit the community at large, instead of a single business or group of developers, like most downtown revitalization plans.

Tom Hendricks

Beatle Mush

Sir James Paul McCartney: That a mere "reviewer" (i.e. a person who gets his records free and is not required to have any experience in songwriting whatsoever) would refer to a song penned by Paul McCartney as "mush" (Hear, There, October 4) or imply that a cover version can't be done of a song that wasn't any good in the first place raises the question: What sort of idiotic publication would give someone who obviously hates Paul McCartney in the first place the task of reviewing a tribute album to him?

I have determinedly waded through years of recorded music since the age of 5, when I discovered John Fogerty and fell in love with music itself, to seek out the best songwriting that was out there. It didn't take me long to realize I wasn't impressed by the "urban strife" of realism-writing like Lou Reed's or sickening bubblegum like Madonna, or to understand that record reviewers are always--always--looking for something other than musical accomplishment.

You, sir, should undertake such a journey yourself before deeming yourself worthy of speaking one syllable against this century's greatest and most maligned songwriter, Sir James Paul McCartney.

It is the pure crap and vitriol spewed out by talentless stable-hand material such as yourself that has made this quest for recognition on behalf of a man who simply is music so difficult.

Get a real job. Do some work yourself; maybe you'll find a creative outlet that will impress upon you that it takes real talent to write.

Or better yet, why not just go straight to hell? We don't need your type screwing up our planet.

Darrell Talada
Rochester, New York

Beyond Her Nose

Potholes shall always be with you: Dallas needs a vigorous, optimistic mayor with keen judgment, a vision and understanding of our problems, one who is able to boost the Dallas economy and create more jobs by attracting, motivating, exchanging and competing in the global market. Dallasites have the ability to take new challenges and compete in any arena: global marketing, sports and culture. Our children are being educated and prepared to be ready for this new era--the sky is the limit!

Ms. Laura Miller is not the person for this challenging position. She cannot see beyond her nose; all she can see are potholes, and believe me, as long as we have traffic and bad weather the streets will need periodic repairs. With Ms. Miller, the economy will shrivel up and stagnate.

Culturally? The late coach Tom Landry said that he did not tolerate his football players to use profanity because he expected that anyone who graduated from high school should have learned enough vocabulary to express himself without having to resort to profanity. And I hear Ms. Miller has a problem.

The only thing she will be good at is what she has already demonstrated the past few months, and that is seeking after and squashing the poor and the weak like she did with the poor widow Alma Vazquez (read La Prensa newspaper and "Vamoose" in the August 30 Dallas Observer).

Hermelinda Delgadillo A.

Parking Payback

Hassled: Jim Schutze's column ("Bagel Petard," November 29) reminded me of my own parking hassle of a few years ago. In my situation, it was my neighbor, the owner of a mail service, who would come over to my salon and bitch at our clients who had parked in front of his business. I tried to explain that his customers were always welcome to park in front of my shop. Maybe they would see that we had a salon here. We painted "welcome" on our curb. I also advised him that anyone he griped at would probably never patronize his shop.

This guy's no longer in business. We are. Surprise, surprise.

Kent Skinner
Owner, Rembrandt Salons

Ice Them

Frozen chicks: The Dallas Zoo "officials" should have a turn at "cold storage" themselves ("Frozen Food," November 22), or maybe an unemployment line. Hey, Warren Cox (SPCA of Dallas)--put the "ice" to them.

John Meyer
Via e-mail

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