Follow the Money Split Between Trinity Toll Road Camps in May's Council Elections

Thursday marked the 30-day deadline before Dallas' May 9 municipal election. That means a couple of things: First, it's too late to register to vote in the election if you haven't already, and second, candidates had to file their latest campaign finance report. A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the races that represent a potential path to an eight-vote majority of candidates against the Trinity toll road on the City Council. Let's take a look at where the money's headed in those races.

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District 3 Casey Thomas has raised only $3,650 so far in 2015 despite being endorsed by term-limited District 3 incumbent Vonciel Jones Hill. B.D. Howard, Gerald Britt, Joe Tave and Wini Cannon all raised more money than Thomas, the only pro-toll road candidate in District 3. Tave, who's been endorsed by Scott Griggs, Adam Medrano and Philip Kingston raised $5,701 in the first quarter of 2015. Cannon, who's been endorsed by the Dallas Green Alliance, raised $3,963. Britt, the vice president of external affairs at CitySquare, led the field by raising $9,335.

District 4 Carolyn Arnold has lapped the eight-candidate District 4 field. She has been endorsed by Dwaine Caraway the term-limited incumbent and the Dallas Green Alliance. The $10,650 she has raised is seven grand more than her closest financial competitor, Carl Hays. It will be a shock if Arnold doesn't win in District 4, although the crowded ballot makes a runoff a possibility.

District 5 Depending on whom you ask, Rick Callahan is either going to cruise to victory in District 5 or is in real trouble of being the only incumbent running for re-election to get beaten in May. Callahan has raised an impressive $26,731 so far in 2015, about double the amount he'd raised at this point in 2013. Sherry Cordova, endorsed by the DGA and the Stonewall Democrats, has raised just $2,200 in 2015.

District 9 District 9, Sheffie Kadane's soon to be former seat, has seen the most money poured into it any of the pivotal races. Darren Boruff and Chris Jackson, both toll road supporters, have raised $19,460 and $16,245 in 2015 respectively. Mark Clayton, the anti-toll road candidate endorsed by the Griggs/Medrano/Kingston trio, the DGA and the Stonewall Democrats, has raised $19,090 this year. Sam Merten, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings toll road-opposing former spokesman, has raised $4,892 in 2015.

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