Food For Thought? Nah.

So, this morning, because I'm a masochist who clearly needs to find something better to do, I e-mailed Nils Lundblad, a publicist at the Food Network, asking if he could find someone there to explain the discrepancies between the footage that aired Thursday on Rachael Ray and Sunday night on The Next Food Network Star. Specifically, I wondered, how come the two segments featuring Dallas's Lisa Garza looked so remarkably dissimilar they didn't even appear to come from the same appearance? I asked for "an explanation of some kind, aside from 'editing for effect.'"

Moments ago, Lisa Krueger, the manager of public relations for the Food Network, responded with a comment from Bruce Seidel, the network's Senior Vice President of Programming Planning and Special Productions. Jump for the tiny portion.

"'The Next Food Network Star' is an extended interview process that evaluates the finalists' star potential. Our goal is to show our viewers what happens to the finalists in the challenges, regardless of whether they struggle or shine."

jeez, that wasn't even an amuse bouche, Bruce. --Robert Wilonsky

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