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For 43 Years, Former Redbird Airport Had a Restaurant. Next Week, It Will Once More.

Casa Blanca Restaurant opened at Redbird Airport back in '60 and was there all the way till the '03 redo, at which point the doors shuttered and the city put out the call for bids. It took a while -- five years -- but in the summer of '08 the Dallas City Council's Economic Development Committee gave Mark and Dirk Kelcher the okee-doke to open up a new eatery at Dallas Executive Airport -- a five-year lease with an option for five more, following what was guesstimated to be a half-a-million-dollar overhaul.

At the time, design and construction were expected to take, oh, 'round 12 months, but a piece on Pegasus back in June suggested the former owners of the late Metro Grill on N. Central -- which came to an abrupt and messy end -- needed just a wee bit more time to fire up the grill. And that time has come: City Hall just sent word that Delta Charlie Bar and Grill ("serving Classic American Favorite") will be sneak-peeked to the media October 6 with a formal grand opening scheduled for the following day. But, shhhh, don't tell: They've soft-opened in recent days for lunch and cocktail service.

From the city, these additional details:
Beginning October 7th, 2010, the restaurant will be open to the public from 7 a.m. to midnight 7 days a week for fine dining and cocktails. The elegantly-appointed restaurant boasts large windows overlooking the air field plus an air side patio, and can seat 89 patrons. The restaurant operator currently manages Big Shots Sports Bar and Grill and has previously managed other venues such as M Grill, Jerebaum's and The Green Room.
I think the city means Big Shots Sports Cafe in Bedford?

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