For $540, You (and You and You) Can Own One of the Last Remnants of Arlington Stadium

A Friend of Unfair Park who knows of my affection for local relics, myself included, sends word: The Texas Rangers are selling off the outfield bleachers pulled out of the Ballpark in Arlington to make way for those $11.5-million renovations set to debut in a matter of weeks. And, turns out, those bleachers actually date back to Arlington Stadium. Karen Morris, executive director of the Texas Rangers Foundation, tells Unfair Park "you can even see the paint from the old ballpark underneath" some of the sections.

Morris says there are about 150 finished-out sections of bleachers being made available; they've been "cut down and finished with caps put on the end, then mounted so they can be placed in a room -- because they'd look nice in a man cave." Those sections are going for $540 each, with all proceeds going to the foundation. And, Morris says, there are longer, unfinished sections going for less: A 10-foot piece of bleacher sells for $300, while a 24-foot-long section is available for $500. Morris says you can call the Rangers' offices at 817-273-5030 if you're interested.

Morris tells Unfair Park the team had originally considered melting down the whole lot, but after seeing how well the Dallas Cowboys did when selling off every last scrap of Texas Stadium before its implosion, they figured they'd give this a go. And so far, she says, "we've sold some," but there are plenty of pieces left. But time is of the essence: The bleachers are being stored in a ballpark tunnel entrance: "We have by the end of the month to get the bleachers out of storage," she says. "And when the players get back, they need a place to park." The sale ends Friday.

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Robert Wilonsky
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