For the Twentysomething, Dallas is a Where You Should Be Living. Not Austin.

A magazine that loves lists almost as much as Chris Arnold, Forbes is now ranking the best cities for recent college grads -- though by "recent," I think it just means "people in their 20s." The magazine gathered a whole bunch of numbers -- including starting salaries courtesy these folks and cost of living figures from these fine Americans and other stats from the government -- then ran 'em through the WOPR and determined that Dallas is the second-bestest city for the debt-carrying ladder-climber -- at least, those looking to make an average starting salary $41,000 in the oil, technology or banking industries. Coming in first on the list? Houston, but, yuck. Austin ranks third, though it's tops if by "recent college graduate" you mean someone who dropped out of UT in 1978 and hasn't had a Happy Minute since The Showdown shuttered. --Robert Wilonsky

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