For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Little Feat at Convention Center in '78

Don't bogart this boot, my Friends, as The Wayback Machine presents this guh-roovy groover's flashback to June 2, 1978 -- the final time Little Feat would play Dallas with Lowell George, who died one year later, and the last time the band would come through till a Bronco Bowl show in the summer of '88. In the summer of '78, the band was touring in support of its live two-fer Waiting for Columbus, which explains the best-of-the-boogie-rock that makes up this set list ("Dixie Chicken," "Feats Don't Fail Me Now," "Willin'," etc.) from one of two shows played at the Dallas Convention Center Theater that night. Pieces of it would make up the well-regarded Tomatoe boot, a '75-'78 live comp.

If the recording sounds well above-par, it's with good reason: It's taken from a KZEW broadcast of the concert. Hence, the bonus tracks: For years there was some dispute whether this was a Dallas or Fort Worth recording, an argument settled by the addition of the concert ads from the Zoo tacked on later. (Remember to pick up tickets at Disc Records!) Now, if anyone out there has a recording of the following night's show at the Dallas Convention Center Theater: Mr. Warren Zevon ...

Bonus: Here's a Fort Worth show still misidentified as a Dallas gig: Little Feat at the Tarrant County Convention Center on October 12, 1974 -- when the band opened for Traffic, which I discovered this morning upon stumbling across this page full of KZEW concert ads from '74. Roll another one, just like the other one.

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