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For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Talking Heads Go to a Palladium on Fire in 1978

And speaking of Chris Frantz ...

Happy Almost Anniversary! And where were you on December 11, 1978? The Palladium, perhaps? (The original, that is to say -- near Abrams and Northwest Highway. You know, the Agora.) Lucky you -- that was the night the Talking Heads played Dallas for the very first time. It was the More Songs About Building and Food tour, years before I saw 'em on the Speaking in Tongues tour (and well before what remained of the Heads came through town to play the Fair Park Bandshell during the Escape from New York tour with the Ramones and Blondie, oy). Third-best record in the discography? Fourth? First? Hard to say -- they're all winners.

A striking performance all 'round -- for a hip-pocket cassette keepsake, it's you-are-there-sound as the band herks and jerks through first- and second-album cuts, not to mention "Love → Building on Fire." For whatever reason the "second" disc tracks won't unpack for me, leaving you three out of 14 short; no matter -- you're no doubt burned out on "Psycho Killer," "Take Me To The River" and "I'm Not In Love" anyhow. So, then, how 'bout this bonus: the original KZEW ad for tickets. Hottest new band in America, y'all.

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Robert Wilonsky
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