For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: The Clash. June. 1982. Bronco Bowl.

Whenever we old sonsabitches (early 40s, say) sit around to talk about the best shows ever at our favorite venues ever, this one always comes up: The Clash at the Bronco Bowl on June 6, 1982 (scroll down, you'll find it). I've got the previous night's tour poster framed and hanging in the house, even if it does say "Houston," yech. There's a whole loving history-of devoted to just that show, that night, that band. The only band that mattered.

Writes "David," for those who were there and those who weren't and those who'll insist they stood front and center in the Golden Horseshoe but are full of horseshit:

So the lights dim and the Clash come out amidst very bright white lights (and white heat) and Joe Strummer is wearing a white towel over his head as the band launches into an incendiary London Calling. As he comes up to the mic to begin singing he throws the towel off to reveal a seemingly recent mohawk much to the crowd's delight and amazement. My friend and I had discussed on the way to the gig whether or not we would get a chance to hear much from the first 2 albums, and as I sat there thinking that Joe's mohawk was a good sign, the band stopped and launched into Career Opportunities which had the whole building po-going with a frenzy.

As far as audience recordings go, worth it and then some -- and the longer it plays, the better it sounds. Like a memory, a bit foggy but perfect nevertheless. And: Now I remember why I don't shop at Home Depot anymore.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.