Forever (Neil) Young: Greendale Goes Undermain in March

It was a done deal about a month ago, but both Neil Young and the Undermain Theatre's Web sites have the just-released official announcement: In March, the Undermain will world premiere a stage production of Young's Greendale, based on his 2003 album that spawned the most head-scratching concert tour of Young's occasionally quixotic career. Nutty movie too, though not without its formidable fans.

Greendale -- a "song cycle that has been compared to Thornton Wilder’s Our Town and Sherwood Anderson’s Winesberg Ohio as a portrait of the changing face of small town America," says the Undermain's media release -- is the project Young won't drop, seems like. Not only it is getting the Undermain treatment, but also the comic-book redo, courtesy DC Comics' adult imprint, Vertigo. Greendale previews at the Undermain March 26-28, then runs March 29 through May 3. No word whether Young will attend the premiere -- though according to his tour schedule, he's free after a March 15 show in London ... --Robert Wilonsky


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