Mark Stepnoski

Former Cowboy Mark Stepnoski Is a Pro-Bowl Conspiracy Theorist

Yesterday, one Edward Rynearson -- no, not Ned Ryerson -- directed our attention to his blog and this lengthy interview with former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Mark Stepnoski, who, as we noted, is among those trying to launch a privately financed 9/11 commission in New York City. Turns out, it was a chat Stepnoski conducted with Dallas-born, Austin-based syndicated radio host and noted gravel-voiced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, in which they discussed how "anybody who still believes the official story of 9/11 is either incredibly naive or in complete denial." Which means Step now has something in common with Charlie Sheen. Also, note the date of the posting: "November 7, 2008." The future is now. --Robert Wilonsky


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