Former Jaguars Employee Pleads Guilty in 2014 Dallas Heroin Death

This story starts at a Plano IHOP. Early on the morning of March 25, 2014,, Cierra Allyn Rounds and Glen William Brunton met Kathryn Grace Dirks, Rian Lashley and a heroin dealer Rounds knew as Jaymo for breakfast.

As they ate, Rounds and her friends became aware that Lashley had $3,000 in cash, an iPad and cell phone on her. As they left the restaurant, Lashley -- who'd never tried heroin prior to March 24, according to court documents -- bought five baggies of "China White" from Brunton, who'd been given the bags by Jaymo.

Rounds, Dirks and Lashley left the parking lot in Lashley's car. Brunton and Jaymo took a separate vehicle. As the three women headed to a house in Dallas, Rounds sent multiple text messages to Jaymo, whom she'd met at Dallas' Jaguars strip club, where they both worked and who and had given her heroin multiple times.

"I figured ud want me on this money," Rounds texted Jaymo, informing him that she intended to take Lashley's cash and turn it over to Jaymo.

When Rounds, Dirks and Lashley got to the house in Dallas, Rounds sent Jaymo another text, asking him if she should take the others inside. Jaymo replied that she should, and that she should not let the others leave.

Once inside, Rounds and Dirks injected Lashley with the heroin purchased from Brunton and Jaymo. They hoped, Rounds told the federal investigators, that Lashley would become incapacitated so they could take her money. Lashley apparently suffered an overdose, and Rounds and Dirks put her in an ice-water filled bathtub. Eventually, Rounds and Dirks took Lashley out of the bathtub and put her on a couch. Rounds told the feds that Lashley then appeared to go to sleep.

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Later that night, Lashley was dead from heroin toxicity.

Jaguars and the after-hours rave hosted at the strip club, Eternal Eden, was the key location in a drug ring investigation that yielded 15 indictments in December. A Department of Justice spokeswoman could not say whether the cases were connected.

Rounds pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to possess and intent to distribute a controlled substance. Per her plea agreement, she can be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

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