Former Mayor Tom Leppert to Occupy Movement: Get a Job, You Damned Hippies

If Tom Leppert were still mayor, rather than a candidate for U.S. Senate, it's possible the city might not have been so accommodating with those presently occupying the parking lot behind Dallas City Hall. I knew we forgot to mention something Friday, when I first espied this on the former mayor's Facebook page, but former Observer-er Patrick Michels didn't: Over at The American Independent, Patrick redirects our attention to a website paid for by Texans for Tom Leppert: EndOccupy.com, billed as a petition to President Obama "calling on him to denounce the angry Occupy mob."

This is what the former Washington Mutual board member wrote on Facebook Friday:

The Occupy Wall Street crowd wrongly thinks the government should be redistributing wealth and giving handouts at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers. They don't seem to understand the fact that only the private sector can create jobs and get us out of this recession. Enough is enough. Sign my petition by going to http://endoccupy.com/ and tell President Obama to denounce Occupy's calls for class warfare and a radical expansion of government.

Contrast that to Mayor Mike Rawlings's thoughts on the subject, also Facebooked last week: "I believe individuals should be able to express their views within the framework of the law."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.