Fort Worth Cops Don't Want Any Rogue, New York-Style Bike-Mob Attacks

The members of the One Nation Motorcycle Club were in a hurry last week, and for good reason. They were headed to the Ricky Bobby Sports Saloon (no, not that Ricky Bobby), one of Fort Worth's newest breastaurants. So maybe their speedometers did occasionally inch above the officially posted 60 miles per hour.

That was the ostensible reason a Fort Worth cop paid them a visit as they parked their bikes in the breastaurant parking lot. Really, though, he wanted to make sure they weren't planning to ambush any innocent Texans with a terrifying, mob-style attack like they do up in New York City.

The ensuing lecture/rant was caught on rider Keith Holliday's helmet cam. The audio's a bit garbled, but here's a partial transcript of what he said:

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This crap has made the news. Been on TV ... slamming a helmet into the side of some guys windshield, pulling him out ...

I'm by myself, here's your chance. Plenty of y'all [are] here to knock me down. Here's your chance. Bust out my windshield. Slam me out on the ground. Y'all don't want to do that do you? it's not in your best interests. But guess what? There are video cameras everywhere.

"I didn't know what to think. I just stood there -- shook my head, yes, no," Holliday told Fox 4 yesterday. "I was just surprised that it was actually happening that way."

The riders say they weren't speeding and that their motorcycle club isn't like that, preferring to participate in charity rides for the homeless and Toys for Tots. They contend that the lecture was a case of overzealous policing.

Maybe so, though it's hard to gin up much outrage when they escaped without so much as a ticket. The officer makes a pretty convincing case in an exchange with Holliday near the end:

Officer: Have i cursed or swore? Holliday: No. Officer: Have I hit ya? Holiday: No. Officer: Have I shot at you? Holliday: No. Officer: Haven't been rude, I don't think. Holliday: No. Officer: I was admonishing you for your speeding. If you would please gentlemen ... 80 miles an hour is a little bit excessive. It's 60 miles an hour through here.

That said, let this serve as a warning to any bikers looking to beat the hell out of some unsuspecting motorist. Fort Worth police are watching.

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