Mark Graham
Fred Baron

"Fred Was a Trailblazer in Every Conceivable Way."

After the jump, Frank Stevenson II, president of the Dallas Bar Association, offers a statement concerning the death of Dallas attorney and Democratic Party fundraiser Fred Baron, who yesterday succumbed at the age of 61 to multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer of the plasma cell. It was but two weeks ago that Baron's son Andrew pleaded with the CEO of Biogen to give his father "the drug Tysabri as a last chance effort for life"; two days later, permission was granted, and Andrew wrote, "We have every expectation of a positive result." --Robert Wilonsky

STATEMENT FROM FRANK E. STEVENSON II, president of the Dallas Bar Association:

With the passing of Fred Baron, the Dallas legal community lost a close and committed friend. Over a long and successful career, Fred demonstrated great passion for the law. One of the myriad ways he manifested that passion was with his unsurpassed support of the Dallas Bar. Fred believed that low-income people who could not afford an attorney nevertheless deserved equal access to our courts. Through his and Lisa Blue's many generous gifts to pro bono programs, the Dallas Bar has been able to serve the legal needs of literally thousands of the needy in our community.

Always a zealous advocate for his clients, Fred was a trailblazer in every conceivable way. And so when it became essential that the Dallas Bar enlarge its headquarters to continue effectively serving our profession, it was no surprise that Fred was one of the first to step forward with a contribution to that end. We are honored to have known Fred Baron, and to have worked with him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, especially our colleague and friend Lisa Blue.

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