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"Free Spaces"? Hunt Updates Downtown Worker "Concerned" About Parking Meters.

Yesterday, downtown-working attorney Brad Nitschke sent this parking-meter picture to Angela Hunt, via the Twitter, with the note: "This is not what a commitment to downtown looks like." To which she responded: "You're absolutely right. Part of the update to Dallas' Downtown plan is a parking study which will address meters." She's referring to the Downtown Dallas 360 plan, which is due in draft form to the council next month and which I keep meaning to get to for a follow-up following a chat I had last week with Theresa O'Donnell and Peer Chacko, assistant director of development services. Shortly ... ish?

Anyway. Reason Nitschke's so peeved is because some downtown meters that had once charged Monday-Saturday have recently gone seven days a week. (I've heard this from other Friends of Unfair Park who've noticed the same thing in recent weeks.) Nitschke, who, till recently, also lived in the Mosaic on N. Akard, mentioned as much to Hunt in a follow-up tweet: "Concerned." Hunt sent him this reassuring note: "We are [working] on providing free spaces 4 retail/restaurant-goers while preventing domination of spaces by [downtown] workers & residents."

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