Friday-Morning Follow-Ups

To begin the day, some housekeeping ...

A happy ending to yesterday's story about the kidnapping of Eileen Loskot: She was found dehydrated but otherwise unharmed in New Mexico, and one of the three young men involved has been arrested. Her husband is heading to Amarillo to get her. ...

Lee Harvey Oswald's up-for-grabs coffin, once buried beneath the earth at the Shannon Rose Hill Funeral Chapel & Cemetery in Fort Worth, will be sent to the home of whoever paid $87,469 for the rotting wood at auction yesterday. That other grim relic -- a blood-stained piece of the Lincoln convertible in which Kennedy was shot -- appears to have sold for far less, but still in the five figures. What appears not to have sold: this stack of 20 assassination-related photos, including the one you see above of the Texas Theatre ...

Yesterday we noted Mark Cuban's plan to throw a small fortune at the Bowl Championship Series in order to create a true college football playoff. To which BCS executive director Bill Hancock responds: Good luck with all that. He tells the Associated Press via e-mail, "Given how much support our current system has among university presidents, athletics directors, coaches and athletes, I don't think any amount of financial inducement will make people abandon" the BCS ...

And if you need Merten today -- and I don't know why you would -- he'll be at the Earle Cabell. Forthcoming from the courthouse: his liveblog from the sentencing of Brian Potashnik, speaking of follow-ups.

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