Frisco Woman Gets Her Own Wall Street Journal Hedcut

Forty-year-old Monique Blasko of Frisco is a school crossing guard; she and her husband, who have three children, also run a business buying other folks' garage-sale items to sell on eBay. Fact is, I learned a great deal about Blasko today, as this morning she's "the commuter" featured at some length in the Wall Street Journal's story about the rising price of gas and how its "ripples are being felt in ways big and small."

And, yes, she knows she needs to ditch that Ford Expedition, only, well, right now she just can't afford it. But damned if she's leaving Frisco: "I like my home. It's new. It's growing. We found a church." Bonus: She also gets her very own WSJ illustration, suitable for framing. --Robert Wilonsky


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