From the Comments: Crenshaw on "Disenfranchisement" in District 100

Terri Hodge has already asked voters in House District 100 to stop taking Diane Ragsdale's robocalls. Now, per a good Friend of Unfair Park, the guilty-plea-taking state representative has a message for precinct chairs:

I just got a Fed Ex from Terri Hodge, and it's a form letter regarding precinct chairs. It says that it has come to her attention that there is an effort underway to get her re-elected on the ballot and for the precinct chairs to terminate campaign activities to get her re-elected on the ballot on her behalf.
Our Friend has promised to provide us with the letter later today. Which brings us to a comment former city council member Sandra Crenshaw left in Schutze's item from the morning portion of Don and Sheila Hill and D'Angelo Lee's sentencing hearing at the Earle Cabell. In it, Crenshaw, a Democratic precinct chair, insists that, no, she's not helping Ragsdale pay for those robocalls. However ...
Yes, [I'd] love to be one of the dem executive committee people getting to appoint Hodge's successor instead of having an actual election because I feel that the integrity of this election process has been manipulated by both the prosecution influenced by the power structure and the defense manipulated for the benefit of Hodge and others at the expense of the opportunity of the citizens to choose their own candidate. More later on why I think the delays in the trial until after the primary, the sentencing date, the plea agreement were all timed to get Terri leverage and at the same time resulting in [Eric] Johnson getting the nomination by default.

I understand the pickle Terri is in but I am disappointed (nice word) with her leaving her voters in this predicament. I am furious with the Democratic leadership's effort to thwart the voters right to use the system to their choosing. Mr. Johnson's actions indicate to me his naivete to the wrath of black citizens when they feel that they are being disenfranchised. Oh well, I had to learn the hard way. I hope he can survive it. I am sorry that another bright promising individual who wants to offer themselves to public service doesn't understanding kissing the brass ring.

That's from "Where I sit."
Update: After the jump, Hodge's letter to precinct chairs.

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