"Full-Figured"? "Heavy-Set"? "Big-Boned"?

Because if you are, and you want that extra weight to translate into some extra dough-re-mi, then be at Dave and Buster's on North Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m. That's when the producers from ABC's show Supernanny will be in town scouting talent for their new weight-loss show. You just need to be a man or woman "at least fifty pounds overweight" who has the inexplicable desire to take part in "a brand new transformational series on ABC." Transformational series -- that's a new one, unless you count Manimal.

Says the release: "Each of the candidates chosen for the team can win tens of thousands of dollars while taking part in the biggest weight loss experience in American television history. The new show is different from any other program on TV and takes the viewer along on a journey with a select group of full-figured and heavy-set participants who triumph and achieve their personal goals while inspiring the lives of millions." Yeah, sounds totally unique -- downright revolutionary, awe-inspiring in its originality. Better hope NBC doesn't steal the idea. Or MTV. Or Vh1.

Anyway, "weighty participants" interested in trying out can visit here or call 1-888-722-7846. Good luck. I know, fat chance, right? Right. --Robert Wilonsky

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