Garcia Says He Didn't Actually Lose That Election

Last I checked, Domingo Garcia lost his bid for Congress. Marc Veasey got about 53 percent of the vote in last month's Democratic primary runoff, which is more than half, which is what it takes to win an election.

Except Garcia doesn't see it that way.

"While it may appear that I have lost the election, I really didn't," Garcia wrote in an email to supporters.

Say what? Is there some awesome loophole I've never heard about that awards 1,117 votes to the guy with the better mustache?

But no. Seems that Garcia is a winner in the same sense that the lousy kid on a soccer team is a winner.

You see, in the process, I gained so much. I gained new friends, greater strength and courage. My faith was tested at times, but running into new 18-year-old voters or simply a 76-year-old like Mr. Jimenez who voted for the first time, made my day.

I was taught to stand up for the underdog and to take stand for your values, principles and integrity. I did just that and I am so proud of the many wonderful volunteers, staff and family that stood right with me. There were many who gave valuable time, hard-earned money, strong encouragement and, finally, your vote. I am impressed by your courage and your faith in me and the cause. You, too, stood for the people and the difference we made in the community!

We had fun, we were challenged at times and yet we learned so much about each other in the process. We all stood with the hope of making a better tomorrow for our communities and our families. We fought the good fight with passion and determination.

And, as Garcia's said before, he's taking his loss not as the defeat that it is but as motivation for 2014. His goal? Register 20,000 new voters in Dallas and Tarrant counties over the next two years, or roughly the same number of people who voted in the runoff election. If they all vote for Garcia next time, he'll win in a landslide.

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Eric Nicholson
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