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Get an Invite to LeBron James's Party Yet? Dwyane Wade's? John Singleton's? Diddy's?

I know exactly what Mavs owner Mark Cuban means when he says that when it comes to parties, the upcoming All-Star Weekend "will make the Super Bowl look like a bar mitzvah." Because I had my bar mitzvah at AMPM in the Mosaic on North Akard downtown, and hip-hop comer Drake headlined. Strange coincidence, then, that we get word this morning that LeBron James is hosting a party at the AMPM and Mosaic on February 12, where Drake'll perform. Need to add that to the to-do list -- right before our back-to-back nights out at F.I.G. with Dwyane Wade and John SIngleton, respectively. By which I mean, staying home, most likely.

Speaking of All-Star festivities ... At 2 p.m. today, Dirk Nowitzki will be at the American Airlines Center box office selling tickets for this year's All-Star Jam Session, which runs February 11-13 at the Dallas Convention Center. First hundry in line get an autograph from Dirk -- and, say the Mavs, the first 10 get an invite to an "exclusive meet-and-greet with Nowitzki during Mavs Team Night at Jam Session on Wednesday, Feb. 10."

Update at 10:28 a.m.: Just like that, word of more All-Star shindigs -- these at the Palladium and Sting Ultra Lounge on February 12 and 13 thrown by, among others, Sean "Puff Daddy" "P. Diddy" "Diddy" Combs and Josh Howard, with whom I was bar mitzvahed.

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