Getting Lit Whilst Touring the Bright Christmas Lights of Highland Park

"Maggie," a local contributor to the m-pyre site, today recounts her Christmas-lights trek through the Park Cities, done from the cozy confines of a "a rented luxury bus, where beer and wine flowed freely and pizza boxes were plentiful." Turns out, the yellow brick roads of the HP were crowded with other such veehickles, prompting Maggie to wonder whether "this a new trend everywhere, or just in Dallas?" (Alas, poor carriage rides.) Also:

In one of Dallas' toniest 'hoods, an American flag made solely from Christmas lights with a phrase underneath. I steeled myself for the worst "patriotic," pro-war expression possible, but when the bus pulled around, saw this instead: "One Nation, Many Faiths." Talk about a pleasant surprise.

All that and more, plus: a celebrity sighting. --Robert Wilonsky

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