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Giants 41, Cowboys 35: My Top Observer-ations

10. Cowboys' fans can bemoan bad luck at having quarterback Tony Romo knocked out of the game - and the season - but this was more bad play. Rookie fullback Chris Gronkowski missed a simple blitz pick-up, allowing New York's Michael Boley a free shot on Romo. He didn't miss.

9. I don't know if the Cowboys win with Romo playing the entire game at quarterback, but for sure it would've been more competitive. The Cowboys were totally deflated without Romo, and never has a six-point final margin felt more like 60.

8. The Cowboys had a +3 turnover margin, returned a punt for a touchdown, made both their field goal attempts and cut down their penalties. Despite that, they were mostly non-competitive. How's that you ask? By surrendering 500 yards to the Giants and putting the ball in the hands of Jon Kitna.

7. While admitting it's his most frustrating season as a head coach in the NFL, Wade Phillips vowed to keep fighting and said there's still hope left in the season. I'm picturing the Braveheart speech ... on mute.

6. Giants > Cowboys. Rangers > Yankees. Fair trade, right?

5. Gerald Sensabaugh has to be the worst-tackling safety in the NFL.

4. Say what you want about Romo, but calling him a "choker" and a "coward" - as I heard on last night's Cowboys Post-Game Show on 105.3 The Fan - is ridiculous. The guy was going back in the game with a fractured collar bone had assistant trainer Britt Brown not performed a horse-collar tackle.

3. I can't exactly explain what's happened to the Cowboys' defense this season. Last year they were ranked 9th overall, 4th against the run and 2nd in points allowed. But last night they were clueless against the Giants. Can't ever remember a Cowboys' defense forcing five turnovers and still looking so hapless. The only players missing from last year's unit: Ken Hamlin and Bobby Carpenter. I guess you could make a fair case that Anthony Spencer has vanished as well. But what gives? Oh, and by the way, with his team trailing 38-20 in the fourth quarter, what in the hell is Igor Olshansky doing performing a celebratory wiggledance after making a non-descript tackle in the middle of the field? Embarrassing.

2. If nothing else - and it looks like that is a stark reality - the Cowboys drafted themselves a beast in Dez Bryant. Is he already the strongest, toughest-to-tackle receiver in the history of this franchise?

1. Romo's arm is in sling and this Cowboys' season is in the ditch. A season that started with Super Bowl aspirations is kaput before Halloween. At one point last night, iconic radio voice Brad Sham was so disgusted he compared the team to a bunch of hotel bellhops. Ouch.

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