GM CEO Rick Wagoner's Visit to Dallas in July Just Got Much More Interesting

General Motors bossman Richard Wagoner.

Few days back, the Greater Dallas Chamber sent word of a special guest coming to town to address the suit-and-tie crowd as they marshal their estimable ranks on July 10 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas for a little eat-and-greet. It's none other than General Motors chairman and CEO Richard Wagoner, who, notes the media release, will "discuss GM's advanced propulsion technology strategy and the company's growth in emerging global markets." Only, he might get questions about his company's stock free-falling today to a 33-year low following a Goldman Sachs downgrade. The entire stock market has since followed suit with a 300-point plunge.

Notes Wagoner in the Greater Dallas Chamber media release, "As we look at the global energy and environmental picture today and consider the future of the automobile, one fact stands out above all others -- the auto industry can no longer rely almost exclusively on oil to supply the world's future automotive energy requirements," Wagoner said. "Based on the Dallas region's leadership in business and technology, I look forward to discussing these issues with the members of the Greater Dallas Chamber." And, Mr. Wagoner, no doubt they look forward to discussing some things with you. --Robert Wilonsky

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