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"God Hates Fags" Guy Outed. He's From Dallas. Of Course.

This is Donnie Davies, who doesn't like gay people. Or this is Joey Oglesby, who probably does. C'mon. He's an actor.

The problem with satirizing idiots is that even your wildest jokes come so close to reality that some people have trouble seeing the difference. Trust us on this. We have the legal bills to prove it. So it's not surprising that many people were upset about a hot new "Christian" rock video making the rounds, titled "The Bible Says" starring the Rev. Donnie Davies. (It's also known around the Interweb as "God Hates Fags"; yeah, that one.) Is it real, or is it parody? We were leaning toward the latter. Seriously, would a God-fearing homophobe write the words "to enter heaven, there's no back door"? Doubt it, but on the other hand, is James Dobson for real, or the world's longest running piece of performance art? Would a God-fearing Christian like Pat Robertson suggest assassinating foreign leaders or blame 9-11 on gays and feminists? Well, yeah, they would. Those anti-gay Jesus folk are a tad...um...different We're not saying effed-up. Just different.

In any case, it looks Rev. Donnie's video is a hoax starring one of Dallas' own, at least according to The New York Blade. Donnie Davies is actually Joey Oglesby, part of a comedy duo called Chicken and Pickle guys, creators of "dumb comedy for smart people" -- or maybe pop songs for homophobic religious people. We tried to find out, but weren't able to track down Oglesby. Rev. Donnie, if you're out there, drop us a line. --Patrick Williams

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