Going Dow, Dow, Down: Localizing the Stock Market Plunge

The Dallas Business Journal's done the dirty work of localizing the effects of the bailout bust: The paper's compiled a list of some dozen Dallas- and Fort Worth-based companies and how far they dropped following the House of Representatives' vote against the $700-billion bailout bill. Not sure who's the biggest loser, but most dropped by at least 5 percent -- which now puts Blockbuster's stock at around $1.98, cheaper than the price of a rental!

Among those not surveyed by the paper: Brinker International, which took only a modest hit of 3.94 percent; ExxonMobil, which dropped $6.59 to $74.06; AT&T, which lost $2.25; Kimberly-Clark, down $2.48; and Atmos, down a buck and change. Looks like Pizza Hut's up, though. --Robert Wilonsky


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