Going Postal: Is Blockbuster Now Going After Gamefly? Sure Sounds It.

A Friend of Unfair Park who fears my unhealthy obsession with all things Blockbuster nevertheless sends along this item from The Consumerist, which appeared Friday: "Blockbuster Considering Adding Games-By-Mail Service." Now, that's not official -- far from it. Rather, that information was relayed by Consumerist reader "Emily," a Total Access customer who received a survey from the Dallas-based company wondering if maybe she'd be interested in having "the ability to rent video games by mail for no additional charge."

To which she said, sure, especially if that means she can save $20 a month by canceling her Gamefly account. Reaction is mixed, from "why in the world didn't Blockbuster do this decades ago?" to "too little too late" to "this capitalist loves the smell of good competition in the morning."

I've asked spokesperson Michelle Metzger for more info. Will update when she does.

Update at noon Tuesday: Metzger responds, via e-mail: "Yes, it's true. We've been testing games by mail in a couple of markets for some time now."

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