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Gold Gloves = Tarnished Trophies

I thought Elvis Andrus got ripped off last year when he didn't win American League Rookie of the Year. But it's nothing compared to the travesty of him not winning a Gold Glove yesterday.

Think of it this way: With your life at stake and a grounder hit in the hole, who would you rather have playing shortstop: Elvis Andrus or Derek Jeter?


I know Jeter made 10 fewer errors and there were a couple times when Elvis got lazy and made an errant throw on a routine play. But as we saw in the ALCS, Elvis makes plays and records outs on either side of second base and/or into shallow left field on balls that Jeter doesn't even get a glove on.

You can make a case for Josh Hamilton in the outfield, but he missed an entire month. Jeter got the award, of course, based on respect and reputation.

And that's precisely why it sucks.

Shame on the coaches and managers who vote for Gold Gloves.

Andrus had 16 errors, but he also got to more balls than any other AL shortstop. He had 242 putouts; Jeter only 182.

The good news for Rangers fans with Elvis is that his individual motivational carrots are still out there.

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